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GridLock Steel Foundation Plates offer powerful support to crawl space floors, and can be installed by one person in minutes.

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The GridLock Crawl Space Foundation was engineered in compliance with…

American Institute of Steel

American Society of Civil Engineers

International Building Code

Virginia Uniform State Building Code

GridLock In Action

See how the GridLock Foundation provides superior crawl space support.
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  • Uses An Engineered Steel Plate That Can Hold Up To 18,000 Pounds

    The GridLock Plate is Professional Engineer Certified to Support Extremely HEAVY Loads. Residential home loads cannot exceed the plate's capacity..

  • Contractors Install 8-12 GridLock Crawl Space Foundations with Crawl Jacks in One Day

    The Rock is able to be compacted upon install to make a solid connection between the steel foundation plate and supporting soils..

  • Multiple Foundation Sizes Available

    Easily adjust the GridLock system for multiple foundation sizes.

    The 3 recommended sizes are 24 x 24 x 6", 30 x 30 x 10", and 36 x 36 x 16"

    24" x 24" is able to stabilize both 1 & 2 story homes and lift one story homes. It requires 5 bags of rock.
    30" x 30" is recommended for lifting 2 story load bearing walls. It requires 10 bags of rock.
    36" x 36" is recommended for lifting 3 story + structures. It requires 20 bags of rock.

    More information can be found on the engineers report.

    View engineers report.

Our Product

Stabilize structures with modern structural steel plates that guarantee lifetime foundation support.

GridLock Plate

To give superior crawl space foundation support, the GridLock Plate is made of a thick steel plate with a structural steel bar welded handle.

The GridLock Plate works by transferring the load through the rock into the soil it contacts. Each plate can hold up to 18,000 lbs.


Build with stronger and more durable materials.


Build with stronger and more durable materials.
#57 Stone, Drainage Rock
Solidifies the connection between the steel foundation plate and the supporting soil.

Gravel to be used for the footing will be VDOT #57 Stone or equal and hand tamped.

Note: Pea Gravel or Riverrock are not acceptable.


Use the required tools to install Crawl Space Foundations.
Mini Spade Shovels
Hand Tampers
Scrap Wood
3-4lb Maul
String Lines

The GridLock Effect

Bouncy floors, sloping floors, sticking doors, trim separation and drywall cracks are the common problems that arise and worsen when a structure lacks sufficient support.

By combining GridLock Foundations with structural crawl space jacks, Contractors can stop and correct these issues quickly and efficiently.

All houses respond differently to Lift due to wood memory, previous repairs, etc. Houses don’t always go back up the same way they went down. Stabilization is guaranteed, not specific levelness or lift results.

  • Drywall

  • Trim

  • Floor

  • Doors


Field Test Results

Build with stronger and more durable materials.
GridLock Foundation
Stable At 5,000 Lbs
GridLock Foundation
Stable At 8,000 Lbs

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