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Boost Your Business with GridLock

Finish projects faster and service more homes with the most efficient foundation systems.


Lock In Profit, Growth,
And Stability
Gain company stability as you provide structural stability to your customers.

Faster and
easier installation

Installation takes minutes
instead of days.

Minimal onboarding
and training

Only under 1 hour of training to
learn the GridLock system.

30 day Money-Back guarantee

On any unused pallets ordered
from GridLock.

Free sales materials

Every pallet order includes 50
sales booklets for homeowners.

$1,000 referral bonus

Get $1k when your referral buys
a pallet.

Efficient Freight

Multiple carriers available for
efficient shipping rates.

GridLock Difference

Want to know how much you’ll make?
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Contact The GridLock Team

Get in touch with us to receive a quote. You can order GridLock systems in pallet increments.