Foundation Stabilizers

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A Lifetime

GridLock Foundation Stabilizers prevent settlement and guarantee lifetime structural stability.

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  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Material Usage
  • Installation Time
  • Space Efficiency

Proven, Tested,

The GridLock Foundation Stabilizer was engineered over several dozen iterations with several professional engineers. Virginia Professional Engineer stamped and approved. Extreme load test ‘Passed’ for 20,000 pounds. Patents pending.

GridLock In Action

See how GridLock provides immense stability.

See how GridLock provides immense stability.
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  • Utilizes massive soil volume for support

    The Foundation Stabilizer’s power comes from utilizing massive soil volume for support.

    Locally, most soils support 1,000 to 2,000 lbs per square foot (S.F.)..

  • Creates a large ‘Volume of Influence’ with 13+ sq ft surface area

    The 'Volume of Influence' pertains to the width and depth of the supporting soil..

  • Extremely Large Surface Area Compared to Alternatives

    The Foundation Stabilizer utilizes over 260x more surface area of soil (13+ S.F.) than push piers (3" pipe = 0.05 S.F.). .

  • Supports Up To 20,000 Pounds

    Each Foundation Stabilizer is engineered to support up to 20,000 pounds in strong soils. They support up to 11,000 LBS, even in poor soils like 'loose sands'. Soil strength varies per location..

  • The Building's Foundation Retains Full Soil Support

    The existing foundation keeps its full support from the soil with stabilization guaranteed for life. .

Our Product

Discover how the GridLock Rebar Cages assembles.
Gridlock Stabilizer

Rebar Cages

Rebar Chairs, Rebar Clips, Rebar Mats

The Rebar Mats are two separate welded structures, a.k.a. mats. Each mat needs 6 ‘chairs’ and 4 ‘clips’. The chairs and clips snap into place easily, with the mat laying flat upside down.

The Rebar Mats become a ‘Cage’ after adding 4 loose rebars that easily snap into place with the clips.


Build with stronger and more durable materials.


Build with stronger and more durable materials.
High strength Concrete
4,000+ P.S.I.

Power Vibrated Concrete

Structural Strength


Use the required tools to install Crawl Space Foundations.
Space Shovels
Small Shovels
Garden Hoe
Crowbar (Pry Bars)
Concrete Vibrator
6-Mil Poly
Georgia Buggy

Field Test Results

See how GridLock system performs.
GridLock Stabilizer
Stable At 10,000 Lbs
GridLock Stabilizer
Stable At 20,000 Lbs

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